Dsdaq: the application to trade stocks with your cryptocurrencies

Do you have cryptocurrency and want to trade stocks like Tesla, Google or Facebook? The Dsdaq app might interest you!

Dsdaq is an all-in-one solution that presents itself as a bridge between the traditional financial world and the crypto sphere. Indeed, the application allows you to make a deposit in cryptocurrency and to trade stock market indices like ETFs , stocks , commodities like gold and of course other cryptocurrencies .

In addition to making a lot of quality financial assets accessible to all, without geographic barriers, Bitcoin Profit allows you to take upward ( long ) or downward ( short ) positions with leverage.

Be careful, leverage effects are risky and we advise you not to use them if you are a novice. Understand leverage effects with our dedicated article.

Funded by the famous American VC Tim Draper , this platform offers you a simplified trading experience and stands out with its ERC-20 token called “ Origin D (OD)” which can be mined by making trades.

How the Dsdaq application works

The app, which is available on iOS as well as Android, has a clean interface and lets you create an account quickly with no KYC obligation . Indeed, you can deposit and trade up to $ 2000 without having to verify your identity .

After logging in, you are greeted by a dashboard including the news and an overview of your current positions. As you can see in the image below, the interface is not yet available in French.

In order to get down to business, you will need to fund your account with a large selection of cryptocurrencies that can be deposited into the wallet integrated into the application.

During the boom in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector , tokens such as $ SUSHI or $ UNI were supported by the application just a few days after their creation, which attests to the responsiveness of the Dsdaq team when it’s about expanding their offer. The wallet being unusual, we will detail the 3 parts of it below.

Wallet « Crypto » : le spot account

This is where you make your deposits and withdrawals (which are also managed very quickly), but also direct exchanges between crypto-currencies.

Thus, you can switch from ETH to BTC like on basic exchanges , and all cryptocurrencies in the list can be deposited and withdrawn with fixed or variable fees depending on the level of activity on the blockchain.

To go further than the simple exchange between crypto currencies, you can transfer a selection of them (the most liquid) in one click to the “ Crypto Contract ” or “ Crypto Collateral ” wallets .

A reverse transfer will be necessary to withdraw your funds, because deposits and withdrawals are made only via the “Crypto” wallet. These operations are instant and free, because they are not carried out on-chain .