Dunkirk Test: Try zkLink’s Emergency Asset Recovery Feature & Earn Rewards!

• ChainwirezkLink announces the first “Dunkirk Test” on May 11-13, a DeFi safety standard that simulates a sudden shutdown of the zkLink infrastructure.
• Users can learn how to recover their assets and earn rewards for taking part in the test.
• The mainnet launch of zkLink is planned for summer 2023, soon after the Dunkirk test.

ChainwirezkLink Announces First ‘Dunkirk Test’

ChainwirezkLink, a multi-chain trading middleware utilizing zero-knowledge proofs, announces the first “Dunkirk Test” on May 11-13th. This event is designed to set a new benchmark in safety standards for DeFi protocols.

What Is The Dunkirk Test?

The Dunkirk Test is like a fire drill for crypto users. During this 72 hour period, zkLink will shut down its servers and invite users to try out its emergency asset recovery feature and receive rewards.

How To Take Part In The Dunkirk Event

To take part in the Dunkirk event, users should join the campaign on Galxe.com and trade on ZKEX.com’s testnet using free tokens until May 10th.

ZKEX Joining The Shutdown Test

ZKEX, one of zkLink’s dApps is also joining in on the shutdown test in order to demonstrate how it provides protection from CeFi related losses.

Mainnet Launch Of ZKlink

The mainnet launch of zklink is scheduled for summer 2023, following completion of the Dunkirk test.

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