Profit Edge Review 2022 ▷ Detailed Test Report

Profit Edge experience with the Profit Edge crypto exchange.

Users who have already traded on the Profit Edge crypto exchange have had positive Profit Edge experiences so far. The platform is one of the most well-known exchanges currently active on the market. In the Profit Edge test, which was conducted by experienced traders, the Profit Edge Crypto Exchange also performed well. This is mainly due to the wide range of cryptocurrencies on offer as well as the excellent trading options using a technically advanced trading software.

Profit Edge in test: advantages and disadvantages of the Profit Edge crypto exchange.


  • Over 121 cryptocurrencies tradable, including IOTA.
  • fiat currencies are supported
  • high security against attacks by hackers
  • low fees – for high transaction volumes
  • individual settings possible on the platform


  • high minimum deposit amount of 10,000 euros
  • only three languages available on website

Profit Edge in test: reviews of the Profit Edge Crypto Exchange

Profit Edge Crypto Exchange is an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies. This was founded back in 2012 by Giancarlo Devasini and Raphael Nicolle. On the Profit Edge exchange, users can trade many different coins. According to Profit Edge experiences, fiat currencies like Euro and USD are also supported. On the platform of the Profit Edge crypto exchange, there are also a variety of options to customize the software.Meanwhile, more than 50 employees work for the company. The offer is requested about 30,000 times a month. This corresponds to a growth of about 20 percent per month. The Profit Edge crypto exchange was developed for professional traders. However, beginners who plan to make higher transactions will find interesting opportunities for profitable actions.

Conclusion: Profit Edge for all who want to trade cryptocurrencies variably.

The wide selection of cryptocurrencies offered makes Profit Edge a globally successful crypto exchange. Over 80 coins are offered for trading, which can still be traded with comparatively low fees. In addition to the exchange of cryptocurrencies, the business also includes margin trading and the lending of digital currency units. In this way, customers can find various investment options and numerous order types. Due to its many years of experience, the crypto exchange is able to hold its own in the market, although there is no official license. Nevertheless, Profit Edge relies on the latest security standards and works with 2-factor authentication, for example, if desired. Account management as well as transactions are mainly possible with cryptocurrencies, which is of course particularly fast and keeps costs low. Nevertheless, bank transfer is also provided as a possible means of payment. However, customers should know that the entire site content and also the customer support are only available in English. However, the inexpensive fees make up for this supposed deficit.